The Little Stuff REALLY Counts

The Little Stuff

Last week I talked about creating value in the little stuff. This week Chris Brogan expands on that idea here.

First off, by microcontent, I mean really small bites of content. I mean things a little bigger than your average Twitter post. I mean piece [sic] of information that are short, succinct, and useful, either directly or in a remashed way.


There’s a reason for creating this “microcontent” – it’s what people want, and what they can use. I think that’s what Dave Winer is getting at here:

I want rating services to provide clues about what I should be subscribing to. I want them to find not what’s popular with the masses but what will be valuable to me.

Microchunking is a similar idea, although it’s more about breaking down the big pieces and making them usable. The more easily your content can be broken down and distributed, in whatever format your audience wants, the more easily it will be found and used.

How to Win

Combine the two, and you’re on the right track. Create little stuff that’s usable and movable, and don’t forget to make it easy to break your big stuff into little pieces. Once your content gets around easily, your brand starts to get around.

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