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It’s definitely an adage to get to know more about ecology with respect to the fact that it surrounds us; how we live, work, and breathe. Our website is simply about living things, and it helps you to be well versed on the crucial connections between you, the plants, and the world around us in general.

For sure, we are about to feed your mind with great facts you did not know of. Simply put; flatworldblog.com is a great mind blower on living things, and we won’t bore you with irrelevant details. And hey! If you love our articles, feel free to slide to message us on any topic suggestions you have in mind, or are curious to know more about.

The Team

It takes more than two splints for a fire to occur. Ha! We burning things now? Well, the burning ecology issues are about to be unveiled, and such great pieces are the work of a great team of professional writers. There’s making assumptions, and there is experience. Our writing team composes of ecology masters and PhD graduates who know exactly what our readers are looking for.

We tend to believe people who relate more to our situations, don’t we? You can rest assured, our professionals and researchers will effectively handle all your ecology questions. Feel free to comment on the various blog topics; our team is at your disposal to offer you with the very best.


Sometimes fate finds us in various ways. If you never played hide and seek in your childhood, well; there’s nothing I can do about it, you missed out big. The author is one of the few people who discovered their passion at a very young age.

During the adventures of the hide and seek game, he would be lost in the bushes. Some other days, he’d see a whole battalion of termites, and he would go and hide in his parent’s farm other days. This favourite hiding spot became a hideout for him to keep meditating, and before long, he already loved his science classes, he was already in college studying ecology.

And now, well, he is here seated with a PhD in ecology. I think if fate exists, he’d be the perfect love for ecology. And not till death do them apart; ecology surpasses that.