learning theories com

learning theories com

All definitions under the headings on this page are from Ormrod, Jeanne E. Educational Psychology: Developing Learners, 8th ed, 2014.
Learning theories on this page are grouped into 11 categories:

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Learning theories com
This website includes a facility to make additions and amendments to the theory descriptions, lists of constructs and network analyses that can be incorporated into future editions. In due course, it will also include a database of the theories which can be searched according to the constructs used. This will be the result of current work which is mapping the constructs across theories, which is a formidable task given >1000 constructs and the work required to assess similarity and difference of construct labels.
This book describes 83 theories of behaviour change, identified by an expert panel of psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and economists as relevant to designing interventions. For each theory, the book provides a brief summary, a list of its component constructs, a more extended description and a network analysis to show its links with other theories in the book. It considers the role of theory in understanding behaviour change and its application to designing and evaluating interventions.



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