Air Pollution Problem in South Korea

The air pollution problem in South Korea is very prominent in such a way that it supersedes other issues or causes of concern in the country like economic stagnation, natural disasters, and the threat of nuclear-armed North Korea. South Korea‚Äôs polluted air is in extents that outmatch its industrialized peers, and this is a result […]

Three Biggest Problems With Marine Pollution

Marine pollution is the biggest threats to life in the ocean, and by extension, a threat to a key source of food for the human population. Plastics, discharged industrial effluent, residential waste, oil spills from tankers in the high seas and chemicals are the major pollutants in the oceans. Worth noting is that a significant […]

World Cultures

In a means to illustrate the different perceptions of culture, the author draws an analogy from the domesticated and undomesticated animals. Culture is the common explanation people give for the differences between societies. For instance, when two societies differ regarding material possessions, societies, historians, and anthropologists have the propensity to attribute the variances on cultural […]

History and Future of Medical and Recreational Marijuana

The fierce debate on the impact of legalizing medical and recreational marijuana has been going on for quite some time. The proponents of the legalization process argue that removing the prohibition on the drug will bring several benefits to the society that include; reduction in traffic fatalities, increased revenue via tax, and channeling state resources […]